DIY Woodworking

As a woodworking enthusiast, going back as far as school days, I have personally taken a great pride in woodworking.

Once I learned the basic skills of woodworking I found myself getting involved with many different types of woodworking projects, which kept me busy for days on end...also kept me out of trouble!

Woodworking is an incredibly rewarding hobby and business. It can be passed down through generations of sons and daughters.

We have a large selection of woodworking projects and plans for both beginners and advanced Woodworkers.

There are so many projects to choose from, the list goes on.

Start small and once you feel comfortable, work your way up and challenge yourself to building more complex woodworking projects.

We have guidelines and recommendations in assisting you how to start your own woodworking business.

Whatever you fancy to build this weekend as a home project, this might be a simple plant box, bird box feeder, restoring a coffee table, an outdoor bench or build a woodwork bench. You could start your fist project by making the attractive Outdoor Bench shown below. Follow the plan and construction method.

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  • Sanding & Finishing

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For Your First Project - Build this great Outdoor Bench

(Designed by Brittlands author: Robert Lailvaux)

So attractive and yet so easy to make....just follow the plan below, all you have to do is just cut, glue and clamp! It's easy to make.

It goes without saying that this masterpiece is a combination of simplicity in the making, attractiveness and usefulness that makes the outdoor bench a winner....and definitely a must have for your outdoor entertainment area.

Spend a few hours this weekend and build yourself this easy-to-make Outdoor Bench.

Here is the Construction Method:

With reference to the plan above, follow the easy steps shown below.

  1. Cut all timber to required lengths.

  1. Prior to applying adhesive, ensure squareness and accurate matching of all parts.

Any slight misalignment can be corrected with a sander after the drying process.

  1. Assemble all parts of item-1 and item-2 together by conservatively applying wood adhesive to mating parts.

  1. Clamp assembly securely with sash clamps. Allow a minimum distance of 300 mm between sash clamps.

  2. Wipe away excessive, spilled glue with a slightly damp cloth.

  1. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

  1. Remove clamps and sand down smoothly.

  1. Ensure all timber dust free before applying finish.

  1. Linseed oil is recommended but Tung oil, stain or varnish also gives a great finish.

Simple to make and yet so attractive....also a great conversation piece to have with your friends around the barbecue.

Wishing you much enjoyment in the making and the usage!